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Our professional career

During our intensive Bible study and in the months that followed, we founded the community “Gospel Church” in Cologne together with valuable brothers and sisters in the Lord. In March 2017 we followed God's clear call to carry out our service in the community “Glaubensforum-Dierdorf”. In Dierdorf, Nathanael served as one of the church's two full-time pastors, primarily in the areas of teaching and preaching. In addition, he built a prayer ministry in which he trained leaders to lead people into God's presence and lead them in prayer.

During our time in Dierdorf, God gave us the vision to create the “Gospel Mission” ministry to carry His love and the hope of the Gospel to the nations. We spent the first two years after the founding in East Germany, where we were involved in missionary work and community support. As the ministry grew and more international doors opened to serve those in need, we realized it was time to take the next step with Gospel Mission to work even more effectively.

Therefore, we returned to Rhineland-Palatinate to open the “Gospel Mission” office and build a dedicated team. Our goal is for the ministry to continue to grow and bring even more blessings to people in the world's poorest countries. We are committed to serving those in need, equipping and strengthening Christians, and bringing the hope of the gospel to the world.

2019 - Now
Gospel Mission e.V.
Pastor in the Dierdorf Faith Forum
Church planting in Cologne “Gospel Church”
Studying theology