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Gospel Mission

Vision & Values
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We are a Christian mission organization dedicated to equipping and empowering Christians worldwide since 2019. Our goal is also to support people in the poorest regions to experience transformation and be able to support themselves. We pursue this goal through various projects such as strengthening spiritual leaders, evangelism, educational projects and humanitarian projects to promote health and economic stability. Our heart beats for people to experience the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, to be filled with hope and to experience holistic transformation.


East Africa


The Republic of Uganda, with its capital Kampala, ranks 159th out of 183 in the Human Development Index.
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West Africa

Burkina Faso

The population of the Sahel faces insecurities in many areas, from violence by extremist groups such as Boko Haram, the Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda in the west to the "North Korea-like" authoritarian regime of Eritrea in the east.
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Overall, Nepal is a very poor and underdeveloped country. Religion shapes Nepalese culture and everyday life. 80% of the people in Nepal are Hindus, 10% Buddhists - some both at the same time.
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Our founders

During our intensive Bible study and in the months that followed...
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Vision, Mission and Values of Gospel Mission

Our mission We want the hope of the gospel of Jesus...
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